Friday, January 12, 2007

Leo Goes, Carole Exposed.

Fans of permed hair will be devastated to hear the news that Leo Sayer has succumbed to the voices in his head and has fled the house.

What happens now?

Well, in an attempt by the producers of the show to save face, the eviction is likely to go ahead as planned with Carole and Dirk facing the public vote.

Our poll results below suggest that Face will indeed be saved, and poor Carole will not:


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eviction Wednesday - Jack or Jackiey to go?

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother eviction is a surprise to the housemates. They've not even nominated one another in the normal fashion. A nominal group of the Goody "family" - Jade Goody, Jackiey Goody, Jade's Boyfriend Jack Tweedy and their "adopted" family members Shilpa Shetty and Jermaine Jackson are all up for eviction.

In the usual course of events this eviction would be a foregone conclusion. Take a look at the below chart from our most recent survey;

Jackiey Goody is massively unpopular. Big Brother housemates rarely score higher than 50% of responders saying one particular housemate is their least favourite.

However, tonight's eviction is a vote to SAVE - a positive vote. Positive votes are much more unpredictable. Here's what the same people told us they would do in tonight's vote to save.

Shilpa, Jermaine and Jade all look safe this evening. Jack and Jackie are neck and neck with the least number of votes - (the housemate with the least number of votes to save will be evicted).

Jack's problem is not that he is unpopular, he's simply invisible - rarely even speaking let alone joining in with the other housemates and gaining some support. Tonight's show is likely to feature the omnipresent Jackiey more than silent Jack, so unless some tactical voting materialises (people voting for people other than Jackiey so she has the least votes) - Jack is perhaps slightly more likely to go tonight than Jackiey.

Jack IS a handsome young man - could a few teenage texters swing it for him? Might the public realise that the hated Jackiey might be staying and vote to support Jack - its possible.

We would not be backing Jack to be evicted at current best odds - 1.33 - very poor value.

We have a small interest in Jackiey at decimal 5s at Coral and Paddy Power (now cut to 3.25 and 4) but we believe that if you are having a bet on tonight's show - (it may be best avoided) the value bet is to back Jackiey to go at the 4s available at Paddy Power and William Hill.
Best, Special Bets.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

CBB Polls Update: Cleo and Shilpa Step Up.

For six whole days we have been anxiously waiting for one (or some) of the housemates to stake a convincing early claim for the increasingly oxymoronic title of Celebrity Big Brother Winner 2007.

With one of the most open fields we have seen in the initial stages of a reality TV show for a long time, we welcomed the results of our third poll conducted over the last 48 hours, which shows both Cleo and Shilpa benefitting from the falling stocks of Jo and Leo, with Dirk remaining a steady third.

Here are the results of the survey:

In terms of "momentum", the chart below displays the difference between today's results, and the poll conducted a couple of days ago asking the same question:

Discounting the "new" votes for Jade, we can clearly see that Shilpa and Cleo are the main beneficiaries of events over the last couple of days.

At the other end of the scale, Leo's madness has been well documented on this website, and certainly hasn't helped his popularity. Jo's fall in the ratings however has a less obvious explanation, and may have something to do with high initial expectations that are not being met as the audience gets to know her. It's also worth noting that with minimal support in the polls to start off with, it's looking very desperate now for "H", and he may well find himself "coming out" again sooner than he was expecting.

As always, we like to do the prudent sanity check on our polling group, and compare our findings to the general polling landscape, which currently looks something like this:

Reassuringly, we see that the Aggregate Poll of Polls has a very similar profile to that of our survey.

Best odds on Celebrity Big Brother from 13 firms (including the eviction) can be found here;



Sunday, January 07, 2007

Leo, Donny, Donatella, Peter and Maggot!

The Sunday Mirror today carries the bizzarre story of former CBB housemate Donny Tourette "bedding" Leo Sayer's "girl" Donatella

but this is not Leo's first link with Reality TV.

A reader emailed us to say;

With a number one hit last year, and a Grammy to his name, one may well wonder how Leo Sayer ended up amongst the has-been wannabes this year.
Interestingly, it may be through his association with last year's contestant, Maggot.

I spotted Leo in swanky-strip-joint Stringfellows soon after last year's CBB wrapped, enjoying the entertainment with the lanky Welsh rapper. At the time, Leo Sayer was sampling a double helping of the house's wares, and seemed a genuinely nice guy when we enquired as to whether he was in fact the man himself or a very good looky-likey.

Smiling, and seeming a bit chuffed at being recognised, he confirmed his identity, but his face dropped when I quipped:

"Clearly you must be him - who else could make these girls feel like dancing?"
He obviously hadn't heard THAT one before...

Please email us at with any more Leo Sayer spots, or post them in the comments section.

Leo's been up all night on the live feed doing, well, not very much and appears to be losing it , poring over the Big Brother rules in between refusing to speak to many of the housemates, preferring to revive an old mime-artist gag of his from his 1970's TV show. The sleep deprivation alone is sure to take its toll on his chances of winning the show as his behaviour becomes increasingly unhinged.

Latest Leo Sayer win odds can be found here!