Monday, January 08, 2007

CBB Polls Update: Cleo and Shilpa Step Up.

For six whole days we have been anxiously waiting for one (or some) of the housemates to stake a convincing early claim for the increasingly oxymoronic title of Celebrity Big Brother Winner 2007.

With one of the most open fields we have seen in the initial stages of a reality TV show for a long time, we welcomed the results of our third poll conducted over the last 48 hours, which shows both Cleo and Shilpa benefitting from the falling stocks of Jo and Leo, with Dirk remaining a steady third.

Here are the results of the survey:

In terms of "momentum", the chart below displays the difference between today's results, and the poll conducted a couple of days ago asking the same question:

Discounting the "new" votes for Jade, we can clearly see that Shilpa and Cleo are the main beneficiaries of events over the last couple of days.

At the other end of the scale, Leo's madness has been well documented on this website, and certainly hasn't helped his popularity. Jo's fall in the ratings however has a less obvious explanation, and may have something to do with high initial expectations that are not being met as the audience gets to know her. It's also worth noting that with minimal support in the polls to start off with, it's looking very desperate now for "H", and he may well find himself "coming out" again sooner than he was expecting.

As always, we like to do the prudent sanity check on our polling group, and compare our findings to the general polling landscape, which currently looks something like this:

Reassuringly, we see that the Aggregate Poll of Polls has a very similar profile to that of our survey.

Best odds on Celebrity Big Brother from 13 firms (including the eviction) can be found here;




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