Wednesday, October 06, 2010

X Factor's Gamu is Illegal Immigrant - The Real Reason Cheryl Cole Rejected her.

In a story similar to that of Big Brother's Makosi some years back. X Factor's Gamu Ngazana had been told by the Home Office she must leave the country by the Home Office. It has also been confirmed that there will be at least one wildcard entry into the show this weekend - although it is now clear that won't be Gamu....

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: "The applications made by Ms Ngazana and her family were considered in line with the published immigration rules. Ms Ngazana's application was refused as it did not meet all of the conditions for approval. Her family, who had applied as her dependants, were therefore also refused. Where people are found to have no right to remain in the UK we expect them to leave voluntarily."

Gamu was allowed to stay in the country as a dependent while her mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, studied at university.

But the visa has now run out and the family's application to remain in the UK has been rejected as they did not meet all the criteria set down by the Home Office, the UK Border Agency said.

They must now leave the UK voluntarily or face deportation to their native Zimbabwe.

Much had been made of Cheryl Cole's apparent misjudgement in not selecting Gamu to go forward to her final group of girls, with over-zealous allegations ranging from poor taste to rascism being bandied around - something the nation's sweetheart had hope to put well behind her after a previous incident involving a black toilet attendant.

How Will This Effect The Betting?

It has been confirmed to the press association however that there will be at least one other "wild card" entrant to the series this weekend. The only betting exchange where you can back or lay "any other" is the specialist exchange Smarkets.

Here's the market with the wild card featuring as "any other" and having between a 5 and 11% of winning the show - That's between 8/1 and 17/1 for all you fraction fans.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Will The Betting Heat Turn Up Tonight For Andy Coulson?

Tonight's Dispatches will further examine allegations that during Andy Coulson's time as editor of News of the World, phone hacking was a routine practice at the paper and carried out with his knowledge.

Political journalist Peter Oborne investigates the paper's working relationship with the police and claims of undue influence together with claims of intimidation against politicians, and explores the broader links between News International and the current government.

Will Andy be still in his current job by the end of the year? Specialist betting exchange Smarkets have just opened a market on Andy's future here. Andy is currently favoured to survive, but might that change after tonight's revelations?


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