Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm A Celebrity Mid-Week Poll Update - The Public Warms To David Gest - Is This The Biggest Reality TV Turnaround Ever?

They're a funny lot, the British public.

During the pre-publicity for ITV's 3rd series of "I'm A Celebrity". The British tabloids were full of David Gest stories - The Mirror wrote a story on his general weirdness, The Sun that he was creepy and barmy and the public? Well, the public agreed.

In our poll on the first night of IMAC we learned that Gest was one of your least favourites;

And by FAR your most disliked;

24 hours later, amid a sea of bland c-listers, our poll responders had changed their tune;

And even the
hate was disappating

We started a new poll last night, just before the live show begun, from which the latest results are below.

David Gest has gone from zero to hero - he's now your favourite;

And as for the hate? Well, you've moved on;
(You'll notice the 2 least favourites in this question were the same 2 chosen in the telephone poll tonight by the public to face the "Bush Tucker Trial")

So its still early days, but this year's I'm A Celebrity looks like a 3 horse race between Jason, Myleene and David with David pushing a surgically altered nose in front.

We would suggest that backing
David would be a good idea here at 6s.

There's clearly huge momentum behind someone who can go from 4% to 24% in positive support in just over a week on a reality show, and we can't think of anyone so disliked initially (40% of responders' least favourite) to do so well. Its a Nadia or Barrymore type of swing, but in much much less time (the effect of the media blitz possibly?).

In our view, Gest should be a joint favourite with Jason Donovan to win this show - perhaps both are fair value priced at around 3s. Myleene is still in with a shot although her popularity is easing to Jason and David's benefit. As for the rest? They may as well get themselves out of there..

The best odds on the winner market can be found here;

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