Saturday, December 02, 2006

Matt Willis wins I'm a Celebrity

Matt Willis defied the pre-show polls last night and won I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2006.

Whether this was purely due to a late swing caused by the content of the final show, or there were some clandestine forces at work, we are not currently sure. One thing that is for sure is that it was one of the biggest turnovers in Reality TV history. The one saving grace is that when Jason came third, it was clear that relying on the pre-show polls for Myleene to come through was a risky stategy. At that point, thankfully there was stilll time to adjust.

On to tonight's X Factor..

ITV have confirmed on their website that it will simply be a public vote deciding the elimination this evening, with the Judges not having the final say.

Here's the pre-show polling landscape, showing tonight's elimination likely to come down to the quality of performance, since Ray, Ben, and the Macdonalds are all in the danger zone:

In terms of tonight's song choices, it would appear that Ben is taking the biggest risk tonight after his shock bottom two placing last week.

Good Luck

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm A Celebrity: Final Show.

The I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here final night is upon us.

In the shock of the season, David Gest completed a dramatic fall from both grace and market favourite last night as he was out-voted by Matt Willis who squeezed into the final three.

There was not a great deal of evidence of his drop in popularity in the polls, which continued to show a two horse race between Jason and David right up until last night, with Myleene leading the chasing pack. After a period of around 10 days of wondering whether Myleene was actually still in the jungle, she burst back onto our screens with some solid Bushtucker Trial performances and a shower scene rivaling that of the movie
Psycho in term of memorability.

The polling landscape is now slightly confused, with the only consistency amongst them being that Matt Willis continues to poll substantially below Jason and Myleene.

We could ask the question - where will the allegiance of David Gest fans now go? We have mined our surveys to establish who the second favourite celebrity of Gest fans is, and it turns out to be 50% Jason and 25% Myleene.
However, given that these supposed Gest fans didn't turn out to vote for him last night, we have to be dubious that we can read any significant meaning into whether they will indeed impact the final vote this evening.

We have been running a three-way finals poll since last night's show, and the results are as follows:

This result echos the findings of the good people at which showed Myleene 52%, Jason 44%, and Matt on a lowly 4%.


Notwithstanding swings due to the content of tonight's show, the winner looks to be coming from Jason or Myleene, with Myleene having the momentum right now. Given that she is still behind Jason in the betting markets, she could well be worth backing here at 2.5 with Jason trading at evens at time of writing. However, Jason
must be kept onside tonight as he remains well within reach of grasping the crown of King of the Jungle.

Good Luck

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