Saturday, January 27, 2007

Shilpa's Still Sitting Pretty, But Who's The Runner Up?

Shilpa Shetty's popularity is looking almost as firm as it was when we updated you on the 18th of Jan in our Shilpa Shetty survey . Her latest odds of course reflect this entirely so if you've not already backed her, its not really worth it at bookie odds of 1.2.

Here are the latest responses to our current survey conducted from around 10pm last night to just before the highlight show tonight 27/01/06

As you can see,
Shilpa maintains a commanding lead. There would need to be an enormous swing to either Jermaine or Dirk in the next 24 hours for there to be a challenge to Shilpa's coronation. We can't think what could drive that and so our view that she'll be crowned winner tomorrow remains unchanged.

But what of the runner-up contest which we might call
the A Team vs The Jackson 5?
This is rather more interesting and Paddy Power have forecast betting markets while Betfair have a "without Shilpa" market for those with a view between the 2 buddies.

We'll be back tomorrow with a "call" on this market if we have one. From the results we have over the last 24 hours though,
Jermaine should be a slight favourite to hit the runner-up spot.

A swing to the dry witted, honest Dirk is very possible however, and we'll be monitoring the situation closely.

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PS Nick Edwards, hope you liked this Shilpa pic as much as the last one ;-)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Jo & Cleo Evicted

UPDATE - We didn't need to be so serious... as it 'appens..

Tonight's Double Eviction - Clear As Mud.

Tonight's not as straightforward as we first thought, due to more meddling by the producers.

Earlier on we would have told you that Jo O'Meara would be the next person to be evicted and we think that that will still be the case (the 4th eviction). Given a gap for the public to re-vote, you can see below that with Jo removed, Cleo would easily be the next person to leave - the 5th eviction.

We've been told tonight on BBLB that both the housemates will leave the house TOGETHER at 9.30pm. There will NOT be any "gap" between the evictions to allow re-voting. With no gap, as you can see below - the result of the 5th eviction is unclear. Therefore we can't call the 5th eviction result at this stage, as our poll wasn't set-up to give us an answer to that question.

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