Saturday, December 03, 2005

X Factor - Preview Of Tonight's Show, Trading Idea - BRENDA

The five remaining finalists perform at 8.00pm tonight. Mentors Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne give their opinions before viewers vote on who stays in the competition. Results will be at 10.30pm.

Order Of Events;

Journey South: Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Chico: I Feel Good - James Brown
Brenda: I'm Outta Love - Anastacia
Shayne:Take Your Mama - Scissor Sisters
Andy: When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole

Journey South: Candle In The Wind - Elton John
Chico: The Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast
Brenda: I'll Never Love This Way Again - Dionne Warwick.
Shayne: Careless Whisper - Wham!
Andy: Easy Lover - Phil Collins & Philip Bailey

Sleep deprivation is taking its toll here at Special Bets, But here's our view on tonight's proceedings. We think JS's song choices are OK (Bad Day should suit them well) and so JS and the ever popular Shayne will certainly survive this week.
We think Andy's choice of a Nat King Cole song is a poor one - slow crooning a NKC tune is not likely to have people running for the phones in our view so we would not be backing Andy tonight at any time. He looked uncomfortable during rehearsal for "Easy Lover".

We have a "trading buy" idea tonight on Brenda - We were impressed by Brenda's "I'm Outta Love" on the highlights show. Its a popular recent song and her voice is made for it. We'd back Brenda at 8s available on Betfair (and top up if there are better odds available during the slow Dionne Warwick number) and then lay to close or for a "free bet" at what we think will be lower prices during the Anastacia "bring the house down" track or when the mentors give their undoubtable glowing verdict on her rendition. The potential for amazing Brenda vocal gymnastics will have the audience screaming for more in our view... those readers who heard Simon Cowell on the Lorraine Kelly show will have learned that Simon think Brenda has/will overtake Andy and claim a place in the final 3 acts.
Enjoy yourselves this evening! All feedback gratefully received in the comments section.
Special Bets.

X Factor winner

UK Christmas # 1 Radio One's Vernon Kay Show

The Nizlopi jcbsong guerilla marketing campaign (see ) is in full swing.. at about 11am Vernon Kay "we've has so many requests for this today" played our favourite contender for this year's Christmas #1 following up with the release date and some info on the band.. still available through many bookmakers at decimal 3s (3.25 on Sporting Odds) .

Don't forget to enter our JCB competition;

Your Chance To "Ride In Nizlopi's JCB" !!

Are you a backer of Nizlopi's "JCB Song" for the UK's Christmas #1 this year? Would you like an exclusive opportunity to meet your "horse" in the "paddock" ahead of the 11/12 TOTP appearance and12/12 JCB Single re-release?

Special Bets are GIVING AWAY 4 freetickets to see the wonderful Nizlopi in an unadvertised support slot inLondon on December 7th.

This will be the only opportunity to see Nizlopi anywhere ahead of both the group's first appearance on Top Of The Pops and the single's release andpotentially mingle with the group in a small exclusive location - (& meet the lovely JessicaInDublin!).

Email telling us who you are and why you'd like to ride the JCB on the bypass and Jessica will draw the lucky winners out of a hat from her extensive collection.
Special Bets

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JCB Song - Latest Traffic Report (Courtesy - showing a pick-up since our last comment.

See the video, & buy the single

Nizlopi in the New York times; ttp://
Vote for Nizlopi on the XFM Chart


Dec 11, Top Of The Pops!
Dec 12, 2005 All Day JCB SONG XMAS SINGLE RELEASE UK & Ireland, United Kingdom
Dec 20, 2005 7:00 PM THE BORDERLINE London, United Kingdom
Dec 21, 2005 7:00 PM CARGO Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
Jan 17, 2006 7:00 PM GLEE CLUB Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jan 18, 2006 7:30 PM MANCHESTER ACADEMY 3 Manchester, United Kingdom
Jan 19, 2006 8:30 PM KING TUTS Glasgow, Scotland
Jan 22, 2006 7:30 PM SCALA London, United Kingdom

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Friday, December 02, 2005

UK Christmas # 1 Win Market - This Betting Exchange Will Open A Market TODAY! ;

Please click through the above link if you do not already have an account - every little helps!

Special Bets.

This Morning Poll - Has Sheree's Support Evaporated?

Telephone poll results in reverse order. A controversial poll often accused of being manipulated but results reasonably consistent. What's the context of today's poll? The show was very favourable towards Sheree and Jimmy - so we're surprised by Sheree's big drop off. Is this a recent phenomenon? Earlier on in the show, This Morning's reporter on the spot - Jenny Falconer - said words to the effect of "Antony Costa, Bobby Ball and Sheree Murphy are the 3 contestants most likely not to make the final three" - a comment perhaps fed to her by the show's production team in the light of last night's voting numbers. Special Bets.

Bobby 3% vs 4% 4%, 3%, 6%
RAMPtony 5% vs 2% vs 2%, 2%, 5%
Sid 13% vs 7% 11%, 13%, 16%
Sheree 14% vs 20% 25%, 20%, 18%
Jimmy 29% vs 13% 20%, 18%, 14%
Carol 36% vs 53% 36%, 37%, 35%

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

UPDATE - Tonight's Elimination Has Become INTERACTIVE!

At Special Bets we've posted that Antony and Jenny are the least popular, sometimes scoring 1% (or less? - rounding) in the "This Morning" phone polls. There's so few votes between them - "50" earlier - we're going to have a laugh with this one, Laying Jenny to be eliminated and phone voting for Jenny to stay(we can't see it being anyone but Costa or Jenny).
This is obviously now a high risk situation and the elimination could really go either way - so this is just for fun money OK kids?! Don't bet the kid's Christmas money.

Join us and try to make internet history!

To Join us - Jenny Frost to stay - Phone 09011 3232 04 TEXT JENNY to 63334

Tonight's Insider Elimination Action? Or Are The Producer's Knives Finally Out For The "Big Boring Bear" ?

Well, we're 20 minutes into the show and predictably, Its Anthony "Big Bear" Costa's elimination price sinking. Poll after poll has shown him to be the least or second least popular and his edit tonight was quite really quite brutal as the producers have lost patience with this "dud" of a reality tv contestant. Special Bets calls it for Costa (again) see this morning's blogs for our previous views...

Anthony Costa current odds 1.41/1.44 £100/£158
on Betfair..
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I'm A Sleb - Carol Thatcher being ACTIVELY PROMOTED by ITV;

-We just spotted this on the ITV website - posted 8.30am. Clearly ITV are getting geared up for this "Camp Show" she-bang tonight hoping for a ratings booster. Recall they were "tight-lipped" on "This Moron" about what exactly is going to happen but it will clearly be a *cough* 'Hillarious' affair with "C Thatch" as a central character. They are going so far as to ask viewers to email in as to whether "C Thatch" should/shouldn't sing? - Why don't they just crown her on the show tonight so we can concentrate on X Factor?! Expect CT's price to dump this evening - layers get out of the way. Special Bets

CT Currently 1.92 / 1.95 £7 / £210 on Betfair;

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IMACGMOOH - This Morning - Latest Poll; Carol EXTENDS her lead;

Telephone poll results in reverse order. A controversial poll often accused of being manipulated but results reasonably consistent. Carol gains 17 percentage points of share. Votes appear to have been gained at the expense of, well, ALL the other favourites, with Jimmy and Sid's losses particularly alarming for their backers. Bobby and Sheree's share has remained stable over the last four votes but no progress in closing the gap to Carol - how can she be caught?

We suspect that the "easy to ramp" end of the poll - Jenny & Anthony - may have been - given the money still backing the "Big Bear" for tonight's elimination.. Special Bets

Jenny 1% vs 3% 4%, 1%
Anthony 2% vs 2%, 2%, 5%
Bobby 4% vs 4%, 3%, 6%
Sid 7% vs 11%, 13%, 16%
Jimmy 13% vs 20%, 18%, 14%
Sheree 20% vs 25%, 20%, 18%
Carol 53% vs 36%, 37%, 35%

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Red Tops - I'm a Sleb;

The Sun - The Currant Bun breaks the sad news that Anthony Costa's partner (Emmerdale's Adele Silva) is "having sleepless nights" as she misses him so much - the good news for Adele though, as well as getting a nice shot of herself in a bikini top in the Currant is that "Big Bear" Ant is the Special Bets pick to be next out so cheer up Adele, The Bear's packing his case and the starvation rations have done WONDERS for his "moobs" (at least according to the Daily Star) - "I'm a Sleb "Moobs" and Boobs occupy half of the front cover of the Daily Star and a follow-up focusing on Jenny Frost - who finally gets some coverage and pics. The Star reckons that the starvation rations in camp are causing weight loss to the point where Jenny's boobs are "disappearing" and could "sue the show" which Special Bets feels is unlikely. We also don't think the belated attention will do much for Jenny's non elimination chances, most of her limited tabloid coverage is really quite mean and the public seem unmoved, so perhaps she'll follow the "Big Bear" Costa out of there...

The Mirror's "Polyometer" has only Jimmy on the rise - While Polly Hudson seems to have taken a belated shine to Jimmy most of the other comments are not worth commenting on..
The rest of The Mirror's copy will be music to Harry Kewell's ears, after partner Sheree dropped him in it about wanting to play in Europe she's now been discussing his "hairless bottom" - Wigan fans get your chants ready for Saturday.. Ideas can be posted in the comments section of the forum.

Special Bets.

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What The Red Tops Say.... X Factor;

Goat Herder Slimari In Suspenders Shocka!

The Daily Star is looking forward to former goat-herder Chico Slimari's rendition of Charles Gray's Rocky Horror Picture Show tune The Timewarp on Saturday's show. The Star's been fed a little preview of the routine by show insiders , Chico will be wearing an "outfit that is sure to cause a stir" "possibly stockings and suspenders" The song will also have "actions that everybody can do" as producers hope to have "everyone in the studio singing along" - something for us all to look forward to.

The Star provides a horrific graphic of what Chico "may look like" which we'll spare you (think transvestite strip-o-gram). Hopefully he'll change outfits for his rendition of "I Feel Good" Here's a snap of one of Chico's original "Chicettes" from back home instead;

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

IMACGMOOH - Bobby Ball - Producers Trying To Raise His Profile A Little?

(Source ITV Text Alerts) "I'M A CELEB LATEST: Bobby's been asked about his flirting in the Bush Telegraph after he hopped on Jenny's bed and joked they could be the new Peter and Jordan!" - It looks to us like ITV are trying to give Bobby a helping hand. A sympathetic edit last night, an "amusing" task with Anthony and Sid and now some joking "love interest" ? - Perhaps too late for Bobby to be a real contender but unlikely in our view he'll be leaving next. Special Bets.

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IMACGMOOH - Latest Trial Outcome;

(Source ITV) "The Lads strike out and the celebs go hungry as Bobby, Sid and Ant become bowling balls for their trial"

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IMACGMOOH - This Morning - Latest Poll;

IMACGMOOH - This Morning - Latest Poll;
Telephone poll results in reverse order. A controversial poll often accused of being manipulated but results reasonably consistent. Sid slips, Jimmy and Sheree showing improvement, Carol maintains her strong lead although slips 1%

Anthony 2% (vs 2% yesterday, 5% day before)
Jenny 3% (vs 4%, 1%)
4% (vs 3%, 6%)
11% (vs 13%, 16%)
20% (vs 18%, 14%)
25% (vs 20%, 18%)
Carol 36% (vs 37%, 35%)

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A Vote For Carol Thatcher Is A Vote For Britain! - I'm A Celebrity

Its all about Carol Thatcher in the red tops today....

The Mirror is incredibly pro Carol Thatcher this morning, declaring "Carol's got ex-factor" when discussing her single status and announcing her (today's?)"KING Of The Jungle"

Carol and Bobby are the only characters moving UP on the Mirror's highly scientific "Pollyometer"

The Mirror were not content to leave it there, Carol gets a half page in Sue Carroll's column -a short biography of CT with Sue concluding that CT has"the best of British qualities, stoicism, staying power a sense of humour and an exemplarary streak of common sense"

The Sun devotes most of the "I'm A Sleb" coverage to last night's twin departures and discusses Kimberley's potential to sue the show - covered here on Monday.

Dominik Diamond's column, entitled "Why They Shouldn't Have Fired Cannon" discusses briefly that Tommy's exit might be the making of Bobby Ball and suggests Bobby adopts CT as his "straight man"! Dominik "confesses" that Carol "continues to grow on me" "partly because she's supplying the the few genuinely interesting bits of conversation" and going on to say "might it be madness to suggest that Thatcher's child might become Queen of the jungle" Not if you believe the odds Dominik!

Current Decimal odds; Carol 2.4, Sid 3.9, Sheree 11.5, Jimmy 6.2, Jenny 34, Anthony 100....

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IMACGMOOH - BOBBY is the biggest chart mover of the night;

Bobby Ball, who even traded as high as 140 on early on in the evening has traded at time of writing as low s 22... Bobby, has been keeping the camp entertained and the producers of the show responded with a VERY favourable edit.

What's next? If you believe the insiders were all over this market he's not likely to be next out of the jungle - Anthony Costa would seem to fit that bill... so given a little time, could Bobby be a contender? We shall see..Rock On Tommy!!

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IMACGMOOH - Special Bets have a theory on tonight's elimination price moves..

UPDATE - Special Bets calls DICKINSON for eviction!

Anthony and David both have SO LITTLE VOTES that EVEN the insiders don't know who to back!! Both currently flip flopping around evens - try to back 'em both...
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IMACGMOOH - Tonight's Insider Elimination Action..

Appears to be on David Dickinson... unless suddenly everyone thought simultaneously he was "cheap as chips" .. his elimination price cratering on Betfair just 10 minutes into the show... fade the potentially "false" move? I'd stay away...

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UK Christmas Number 1 Single? - Nizlopi - What can traffic statistics tell us about this internet phenomenon?

One of the more intriguing contenders for this year's UK Christmas #1 Single is Nizlopi's "JCB" or The JCB Song as it is often known.
The UK special bets community remembers what a Happy Christmas they had the last time an outsider hit the top spot - Gary Jules' "Mad World" - a "Tears For Fears" Cover in 2003. But is there any way we can gauge the potential sales of this single ahead of the insiders who can physically count the damn things?

Given that has garnered most of its success through the internet and viral marketing, a close analysis of the domain's web traffic may provide some clues. Certainly traffic stats have been helpful in the past in predicting the Crazy Frog craze via hits to the domain

So here's our first look at the main domain's traffic, starting with "reach". Reach measures the number of users of a website. Reach is typically expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site. So, for example, if a site like has a reach of 28%, this means that if you took random samples of one million Internet users, you would on average find that 280,000 of them visit As you can see in the graphic below; has had fantastic momentum through November, certainly helped by its Radio 1 playlist support and the viral marketing that that spawned. The fly in the ointment however is the very recent pullback - was it just the end of a busy weekend or has the JCB run out of (Red) Diesel? Watch this space for updates! Best, Special Bets.

Case Study - The Crazy Frog - May 2005

The single was released on May 23rd 2005 and reached the number one spot in the UK Singles Chart outselling the nearest contender, Coldplay, by three or four copies to one. This was the official song endorsed by Jamster! As you can see on's traffic chart the release of the single and fast sales momentum of the single ran concurrent with a rapid rise in traffic on - this is why traffic analysis may be useful in the case of Niplozi's single. And also possibly a good indicator of this year's Crazy Frog single's prospects... Special Bets.

Current odds at Paddy Power;

IMACGMOOH - GMTV say Kimberley's finally left (again)...

after a brief reappearance....

IMACGMOOH - This Morning - Latest Poll;

Telephone poll results in reverse order. A controversial poll often accused of being manipulated but results reasonably consistent. A big improvement for Jenny which seems unsurprising as she'd had so little coverage to date. Jenny may further benefit from her first upcoming Bushtucker trial. Carol improves her lead slightly as does Sheree...

Kimberley 1% (vs 1% yesterday)
Anthony 2% (vs 5%)
David 2% (vs 2%)
Bobby 3% (vs 6%)
Jenny 4% (vs 1%)
Sid 13% (vs 16%)
Jimmy 18% (vs 14%)
Sheree 20% (vs 18%)
Carol 37% (vs 35%)

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David Cameron subject of "Biggest Ever Political Bet"

A punter has staked the biggest political bet ever placed - £200,000 on David Cameron - in a William Hill betting shop in Windsor . The man, in his forties and apparently with an Irish accent, walked into the William Hill shop, and asked staff what odds Cameron was to win the race to be become Tory Leader. said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe: 'The staff had to refer the bet to Head Office for acceptance, which was duly agreed and the man, who they had seen in the shop once or twice before, but who had never previously staked more than £100 on any one bet, paid on Monday morning by banker's draft. He stands to win a profit of £8000 if the bet is successful. There is no record of any bookmaker ever accepting a political bet of this size before.'

'I am reasonably confident that the bet was not placed on David Davis' behalf and that although it could be described as a right royal wager, the location of the betting shop, in the shadow of Windsor Castle is not significant in terms of the identity of the customer, who has asked to remain anonymous' added Sharpe.

David Cameron's latest (and lowest ever) price on www.betfair .com is now 1.03/1.04 - perhaps reflecting only the chances of a last-minute skeleton in Cameron's cupboard ahead of his pending coronation.. a glance over at Guido Fawkes' excellent blog suggest those skeletons may lie elsewhere...

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IMACGMOOH - latest tabloid views...

Both the The Mirror and The Sun have the contestants listed with their editorial opinions as usual. For those looking for clues for future media direction here's the latest;

The Mirror/The Sun
Sheree----- Neutral/Neutral
Carol------- "I. Love. Her." /"Highlight Of The Show"
Jimmy......cruel about his stories/"Uninspiring, Boring"
Ricky..........Both "piss-take" about his name change (from David)
David .........Highlights unpopularity with voters / "moaning, whinges"
Anthony.... "most embarassing drunk ever" / "still lives next door to his parents"
Kim............. "boring"/ "will she be coming back?"

The Sun confims "Kim WILL return to the jungle"

The Sun's most interesting? nugget is that "early this morning show bosses told The Sun that Kim WILL return to the jungle (as a regular contestant) has she returned already?

UPDATE - We're told GMTV announced that Kim "returned to the jungle a few hours ago" confiming The Sun article..

"She's actually gone back into the camp," ITV spokesman Mike Large told AAP today. "She has got a cracked rib but she's been checked out and given the thumbs up to go back in. "She's keen to go back in and looking forward to it."

X-Factor - Shayne Watch....

The Sun,,2-2005550256,00.html brings us the news that Shayne is "cheating on his girlfriend" by "dating" 18 year old Laura Conway “Sinead (Conway) caught them in the act with her phone. She’s been threatening to sell the picture since.”
Laura's other talents include "being able to play the piano with her feet" - the mind boggles.
The Mirror however claims 21 year old Shayne has been told to "rein in his friendship" with show presenter Kate Thornton. Shayne's visit's to Kate dressing room are apparently "sparking rumours" and that "he follows her around like a lovesick puppy". Back to betting angles, Kate has also the Mirror claims been accused of impartiality, favouring Shayne on the show and has been asked to "not be so open about it"
Given Chico's interest in another of the Conways, is this show in danger of becoming "one big roman orgy" by finals night? Stand by! ... (Special Bets)

Monday, November 28, 2005

IMACGMOOH - What has the "insider trading" taught us this evening?

A lot of experienced "shrewd" gamblers notice the suspicious betting (price move) patterns during the period in which votes come"I'm A Celebrity".
Here's Jily Goolden's Price/Volume chart for elimination over time... her last price matched before elimination was actually 1.01 or 1/100 for all you fractional people...
Total matched on this event: £69,104
Betting summary - Volume: £39,584
Last price matched: 1.01

But instead of getting angry at those who may or may not be lining their pockets in this way, let's use these times to make some money - assuming there has been "insider" money at work.

What other moves took place during the show?
Sheree moved out in price - perhaps reflecting perception of her "me me me" actions during the show but also perhaps the "insider" knowledge that the public's votes have been moving the wrong way for her.

Carol and Sid however, traded at all time lows during the voting to 3.45 and 2.68 respectively on

So perhaps Carol's strong showing in the "This Morning" poll earlier was not simply "ramping" by people keen to manipulate the results, rather she is genuinely proving a popular (and funny) contender.

Sid continues to be a likeable character which may be translating into votes the insiders are watching although his move must also be (as previous second favourite) to an extent an inverse to the previous favourite Sheree..

Something for us all to chew on (assuming we're keen to avoid Kanagroo genitalia)
Special Bets.

IMACGMOOH - Jenny Frost - attracting some "shrewdie" money for next eviction..

UPDATE - take those Frost profits at 5s from 18s! or at least make it a free bet regards, Special Bets.

After the money reversed out of Kimberley in the next eviction market today post her potential to have already left the show (see earlier posts) Jenny Frost is attracting some attention for next eviction... mainly due to the fact that she's had no attention.
Jenny herself would be the first to admit that she "hasn't done anything yet" which got worse after a nasty insect bite ruled her out of the latest bushtucker - the one that has reportedly claimed Kim's rib.
Jenny's last place in the "This Morning" telephone poll (also see below) has added fuel to the idea... should be an interesting show ahead.
A glance over at indicates Jenny has shortened at Paddy Power (17s), BlueSq, BetDirect and now Stan James the shortest as 8s

Kimberley "will not be replaced" next eviction goes ahead as planned - ITV Spokesperson;

Speaking to the Dailymail, an ITV spokesperson confirmed "Miss Davies will not be replaced if she does not return to the show. The next eviction will go ahead and viewers can still cast their votes"

ITV's Official Statement on Kimberley;

An ITV spokesman issued the following statement:
“Granada take the health and safety of all celebrities and crew extremely seriously and, as is the case with all Bushtucker Trials, a comprehensive risk assessment had been carried out. Kimberley had been given a full safety briefing beforehand when she was told that she must keep her arms down at her sides and her legs straight when entering the water.
‘She successfully completed the first of her two jumps landing on a section of the target which was worth two stars.
“But on the second jump, when she brought her right hand up to her face to hold her nose, her elbow was at an angle as she entered the water.
“Rescue divers were immediately on hand, as was the programme’s chief paramedic who assessed Kimberley’s condition in the water and she was transferred to shore.
“An ambulance paramedic team quickly arrived and, given the remote location, decided to call in an air ambulance which took her to hospital where further treatment and evaluation revealed that she may have suffered a hairline rib fracture.
“She will be staying in hospital overnight and has been visited by her husband Jason.
“The helicopter contractor has undertaken somewhere in the region of 3,000 such jumps without prior incident and have Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval - CASA has the primary responsibility for the maintenance, enhancement and promotion of the safety of civil aviation in Australia.
“The contractor does this activity on a regular basis, training divers to jump from helicopters normally into the sea. The height of the jump and speed of the helicopter used in the Bushtucker Trial is typically that used for a person undertaking their first jump.
“The trial has been performed on several occasions for TV – Fear Factor and Scream If You Want to Get Off.”

All Over For Kimberley?


ITV Issue the following statement (mainly seeming to cover them legally speaking). Kim is still in hospital and has been visited by husband. No word as to her return. Although the heavy legal focus of the comment suggests some souring in our opinion.

Kimberley last traded at 200 in the IMACGMOOH win market on
She is not currently available to lay in the betfair 2nd Elimination market.
She's been quoted as saying she would leave after the 7 day contractual "lock-in" period..
Is it all over for Kimberley? - Would anyone notice it it was?!!

"This Morning" reporter Jenny Falconer stresses that Kimberley is "absolutely fine" and the hospital visit was "precautionary" . Also stresses the "rigorous testing" of Bushtucker trials. This would seem to run counter to Australian press reports of a broken rib- producers worried about being sued?

IMACGMOOH - This Morning - Latest Poll; Carol Thatcher Tops The Poll;

Bobby showing some support in this "controversial" poll. Market Favourites Sheree and Sid topped by Carol with a whopping 35%...

Jenny Frost 1%
Kimberley 1%
Jily 2%
David 2%
Anthony 5%
Bobby 6%
Jimmy 14%
Sid 16%
Sheree 18%
Carol 35%

IMACGMOOH - Kimberley Davies In Hospital

Kimberley Davies is in hospital after sustaining a suspected fractured shoulder while jumping from a helicopter into a lake during her bushtucker trial with current favourite to win Sheree "She (Kimberley) jumped OK but fell awkwardly into the water and suffered an injury to her shoulder," said Roger Fry, crew chief of Westpac Helicopter Service, Lismore. SpecialBets has no further infomation at this time.... watch this space..

A source from the show has confirmed to Australia's "Nine National News" that the actor had suffered "only a fractured rib" after being originally airlifted for potential spinal injuries..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm a Celebrity - Sunday News Roundup - Sid Owen with 2 kiss n tells;

Strictly Come Dancing - James Martin Splits With Camilla (Sunday People);

According to today's Sunday People , James Martin has split with dance partner Camilla - which I don't imagine is good for that much needed "chemistry" - James last traded at 15 on Betfair and now currently backable at 23s...

Strictly Come Dancing Winning Celeb