Tuesday, October 03, 2006

X Factor - WENN Leak 10 Of The Final 12 By Mistake;

W*E*N*N - The grandly titled London based "World Entertainment News Network" appear to have inadvertantly today leaked most of X-Factor's final 12 contestants - those who will be competing in the live shows.

Specialbets.com understands that W*E*N*N affiliated photographers were selected by X-Factor producers to take publicity photos of the final 12 contestants leaving the house they are staying in for the duration of the show with their faces covered. The "leak" arose when on posting those pictures to their media-facing picture sales site, W*E*N*N published the full names of the disguised final 12 - oops!

One name didn't need leaking....

So apart from Kerry, who made the final cut?

Louis' Live Show Choices - Groups

4Sure - (Donovan, Andrew, Chris and Jermaine)

Eton Road - (James, Anthony, David and Daniel)

The Macdonald Brothers - (Brian and Craig MacDonald)

The Unconventionals - (Drew, Andrew,Tom, Nicola, Lucy and Liz)

Sharon's Live Show Choices- Over 25s

Ben Mills

Dionne Mitchell

Kerry McGregor

Robert Allen

Simon's Live Show Choices - The 16-24s

Ashley McKenzie

Nikitta Angus

Ashley and Nikitta were the only pictures that WENN labelled for us, so that leaves the following list from Simon's final 8 in the balance - Ray Quinn, Shaun Rogerson, Stacey Barnes, Carlo Muscatelli, Gemma Sampson and Leona Lewis.

Carlo and Stacey (below) have had very little exposure on the highlights shows - so we suspect that means they didn't make it - (also Stacey has a 6 year old's hairstyle and projectile ears which can't have helped..)

- which left Simon with a really tough choice between the super nervous Shaun, semi-pro Leona, the lovely voiced Gemma and cheeky actor chappie Ray... watch this space as the information becomes clear later in the week.

Notably, the favourite of some tipsters from Sharon's group Jonathan seems to have not made it through...

That's all for now. Check out the list of X-Factor Specials and markets here;

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Monday, October 02, 2006

X Factor - The Last 24 (ish)

Simon's Bootcamp Qualifiers - 16-24s

Ashley McKenzie 16
Carlo Muscatelli 20
Gemma Sampson 23
Leona Lewis 21
Nikitta Angus 17
Ray Quinn 18
Shaun Rogerson 16
Stacey Barnes 19

The video below shows Ray Quinn not making the cut - of course Simon relents and then he does..

Louis' Bootcamp Qualifiers - Groups

4Sure - Donovan, Andrew, Chris and Jermaine
Avenue (disqualified) -Jamie, Max, Ross, Scott and Jonny
Dolly Rockers - Lucy Kay, Brook Challinor and Sophia King.
Eton Road - James, Anthony, David and Daniel
Pure Liberty - Karen Williams, Natasha Bridges and Claudia Young
The Brothers 1 (Brothers One) - Noel and Mark
The Macdonald Brothers - Brian and Craig MacDonald
The Unconventionals - Drew, Andrew,Tom, Nicola, Lucy and Liz

Sharon's Bootcamp Qualifiers - Over 25s

Ben Mills 26
Dionne Mitchell 26
Jonathan Bremner 26
Katy Angus 44
Kerry McGregor 31
Lyn Fairbanks 63
Robert Allen 27
Tigwa Savage 25