Sunday, January 07, 2007

Leo, Donny, Donatella, Peter and Maggot!

The Sunday Mirror today carries the bizzarre story of former CBB housemate Donny Tourette "bedding" Leo Sayer's "girl" Donatella

but this is not Leo's first link with Reality TV.

A reader emailed us to say;

With a number one hit last year, and a Grammy to his name, one may well wonder how Leo Sayer ended up amongst the has-been wannabes this year.
Interestingly, it may be through his association with last year's contestant, Maggot.

I spotted Leo in swanky-strip-joint Stringfellows soon after last year's CBB wrapped, enjoying the entertainment with the lanky Welsh rapper. At the time, Leo Sayer was sampling a double helping of the house's wares, and seemed a genuinely nice guy when we enquired as to whether he was in fact the man himself or a very good looky-likey.

Smiling, and seeming a bit chuffed at being recognised, he confirmed his identity, but his face dropped when I quipped:

"Clearly you must be him - who else could make these girls feel like dancing?"
He obviously hadn't heard THAT one before...

Please email us at with any more Leo Sayer spots, or post them in the comments section.

Leo's been up all night on the live feed doing, well, not very much and appears to be losing it , poring over the Big Brother rules in between refusing to speak to many of the housemates, preferring to revive an old mime-artist gag of his from his 1970's TV show. The sleep deprivation alone is sure to take its toll on his chances of winning the show as his behaviour becomes increasingly unhinged.

Latest Leo Sayer win odds can be found here!


Anonymous Slowly Slowly Catchy Meenky said...

I was once making my way through to Covent Garden, where upon I spied the Radio 1 Roadshow was in full effect and blasting away in the middle (remember those?). In my hurry to join the crowd I promptly ran out accross the road and was almost knocked down by a bloody great big Mercedes that had just pulled away from the curb.

The driver wound down his window and gave me a good earful for being such a twat. It was at this time that I noticed that Leo Sayer was sitting in the back staring at me and looking at me as though I was a piece of shite.

I feel honored to have been almost run over by the short, curly-mopped, sqeaky voiced star.

Has anyone else been almost killed by a famous person?

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Peter Goulding said...

Twas at the match for charity, I spotted Leo Sayer,
I think its safe to say he’d never make a decent player.
He wasn’t really any good, but didn’t really care,
Strolling round the field with his Kevin Keegan hair.

But then deep in the second half, he suddenly broke free
And took a swing: the bobbling ball went in off Leo’s knee,
And when the celebrations and the silly walks were through,
He picked the ball out of the goal and sang
“When I kneed you.”

9:19 AM  
Anonymous tellurian said...

The Old Grey Whistle Test, presented by 'Whispering' Bob Harris. 1973.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Smee said...

(This) Boxing Day! my mother and I saw Leo Sayer in a shopping centre in Dubai. My mother virtually said in his face "isn't that Leo Sayer?". Lol. Then 10 mins later we entered zara and "When I need you" started playing. It freaked us out!!

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Smee said...

- A lot of people flying back and forth Oz go indirect via Dubai. He lives in Australia now, so he probably flew to Dubai for a day or so, then continued his journey to the Uk. Make sense now. He was carrying a holdall, and he was with this oriental looking lady, alot younger than himself, very pretty.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous PermSpotter said...

On stage at the Wollman Rink in Central Park in 1977. Roger Daltry was a no-show.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous rubytuesday said...

Not my spot but "littlecumpot's" from popbitch; :D

"My ex was working in Neal's Yard. Leo Sayer came in for his health food goodies, chatted to my ex and his colleague and then, as he was leaving rather than saying 'see you/take care' or something, he did the two fingered peace sign, said 'The Stone Roses, man' and left."

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Jackarse's Frontal Lobe said...

Does this Leo "looky likey" actually get any work?!! Arf!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to slowly slowly:

I have never been almost killed by a famous person, however I myself have almost killed a famous person.

A couple of years back I was driving my white van a little too fast around an underground car park when I had to perform an emergency stop to aviod hitting a pedestrian.

Expecting a glower, I was pleasantly surprised to find this particular one eminating from none other than 40 a day anti-conservationist bigot Jeremy Clarkson.

Given the media frenzy caused by his co-host crashing, I almost regret not running him down.

My consolation was that I got to making the following quip:

"Lucky I wasn't in top gear, eh Jez?"

Has anyone else almost killed a famous person in an ironic way, i.e. by using the reason for which they were made famous in the first place?

5:55 PM  
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