Sunday, November 21, 2010

Katie Waisell - Unhappy X Factor Fans Allege She Was Jedward's "Rock DJ" on X factor Stage in 2009!

Why don't X Factor Viewers vote for Katie Waissel? Is there just something about her that viewers find well - fake and a little desperate?

We already knew about Katie's previous links with Sony BMG who own Simon Cowell's Syco Label - Anorak have the full story here;

And you may have also seen her reality tv series "Green Eyed World" where aspiring popstar Katie (as "Katie Vogel") "wins" the selection process for the show and ends up in a relationship with the show's executive producer Phillip Schwinger including an episode where they ponder a marriage in Vegas.

But news of the previous Sony BMG and X Factor links have even lead to fans speculating Katie was actually performing on the same X Factor stage this time last year with Jedward - check out the video below at 1 minute in - which we're assured by better informed viewers is actually Emily Barnett Salter

But we understand very clearly Simon Cowell's constant support of Katie, who the controversial elimination of Aiden over Katie and the general lack of criticism from the other judges who appear to be "toeing the line" over Simon's Katie project.

Our question for Simon is this, If Katie finds herself in the bottom 2 for the 5th time tomorrow, will Simon ignore the public's general view yet again and have the brass neck to save his baby one more time?

We couldn't express the farcical situation of Simon Cowell saving his pet project week after week in the face of sustained public disinterest than Vicky from Bracknell in this question to Cheryl Cole; on Saturday night's Xtra Factor. Well done Vicky!