Friday, January 26, 2007

Tonight's Double Eviction - Clear As Mud.

Tonight's not as straightforward as we first thought, due to more meddling by the producers.

Earlier on we would have told you that Jo O'Meara would be the next person to be evicted and we think that that will still be the case (the 4th eviction). Given a gap for the public to re-vote, you can see below that with Jo removed, Cleo would easily be the next person to leave - the 5th eviction.

We've been told tonight on BBLB that both the housemates will leave the house TOGETHER at 9.30pm. There will NOT be any "gap" between the evictions to allow re-voting. With no gap, as you can see below - the result of the 5th eviction is unclear. Therefore we can't call the 5th eviction result at this stage, as our poll wasn't set-up to give us an answer to that question.

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