Monday, November 28, 2005

IMACGMOOH - Jenny Frost - attracting some "shrewdie" money for next eviction..

UPDATE - take those Frost profits at 5s from 18s! or at least make it a free bet regards, Special Bets.

After the money reversed out of Kimberley in the next eviction market today post her potential to have already left the show (see earlier posts) Jenny Frost is attracting some attention for next eviction... mainly due to the fact that she's had no attention.
Jenny herself would be the first to admit that she "hasn't done anything yet" which got worse after a nasty insect bite ruled her out of the latest bushtucker - the one that has reportedly claimed Kim's rib.
Jenny's last place in the "This Morning" telephone poll (also see below) has added fuel to the idea... should be an interesting show ahead.
A glance over at indicates Jenny has shortened at Paddy Power (17s), BlueSq, BetDirect and now Stan James the shortest as 8s


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