Saturday, July 22, 2006

Suzie - Addicted To Love?

We'd love it if we could see the real Suzie.

Quite an interesting character is our Suzie - she's invented what we'd call a reverse Big Brother persona. The usual form in BB is that boring people with little to say pretend to be the opposite of their true self in an effort to be liked - take the 1 dimensional "Bonnie" as a good example.

Suzie however seems to be pretending to be as boring and, well
staid as possible, and HMs seem to have not realised.

Suzie is termed
boring to the likes of Glyn and Jennie as they take Suzie's chosen character - the hausfrau as read. However Suzie, a working stripper clearly has a lot of interesting stories to tell. We've seen Suzie baring all in a music video before, but did we realise that we've all seen her before?!

Take a look at the late, great Robert Palmer's famous "Addicted To Love" video below.

Suzie can be found miming on the keyboard - take a close look about half way through for a close up of a small-breasted Suzie, in her early 20's looking rather sexy..

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Anonymous balsamic said...

It looks a little like her, but I think Susie mentioned she was in the US version of the video (wearing a red dress and playing a guitar) that was hardly ever shown.
For me the clincher is her Cherry Parker management site: they happily puff her Pot Noodle and Fray Bentos ad work so I'm sure they'd mention her role in one of the most iconic rock videos of the 80s ;)

6:48 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

Hi balsamic - does this "US Version" exist or did Suzie regret mentioning it and backtrack with an excuse?

7:00 PM  
Anonymous balsamic said...

I'm not sure if it exists or not - no-one seems to have found any evidence of it on the interweb. There's a few threads about this over on digispy and no clear verdict one way or another, although the plethora of parody videos (some by Palmer himself) has muddied the waters. She also mentioned performing at Wembley with him.
File under unproved for now, but it makes no sense to me for Susie to claim she was in an alternate version of a video if she was actually in the real thing (if she's not making the whole thing up of course).
Shame, as I always wondered what happened to the RP girls ;)

8:16 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

balsamic perhaps we should ask Betfair to put up a market... quite a controversy;

12:56 PM  
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