Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Picture Of Emotion

Numbers are my friends, and today I have made over 300 of them in the form of responses to the Special Bets survey on your feelings about the remaining housemates. You are an emotional bunch. 80% of you are in love (some with more than one person), whilst a similar proportion are in, erm, hate.

Some of the results will be obvious, some not so, but I believe I can now present to you pictures which in a snapshot capture where the loyalty and the loathing lies.

Given we are still in the eviction stages, lets start with the hate angle. The graphic below has eleven "spokes", each ending with the name of a housemate. Along those spokes is charted the percentage of respondents with a particular emotion for that housemate, starting with the most negative: hate. Other less negative emotions ranging from dislike to love also appear along the spokes, however in order for them to show up, they have to travel further along the spoke than the previous more negative emotions. The colour of the graphic closest to the housemates name indicates the overriding emotion felt towards them according to the poll.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and on that basis there's not enough room on this blog to run through the multitude of inferences that can be drawn from the above. However, to name just a couple that I find interesting, it would appear that Susie is not drawing the sort of fire that I alluded to last week, and that based on the above, Richard fans could out-muscle Aisleynes.

"Where is the love?" sang Roberta Flack in 1972, and thirty four years on we asked the same question, however I don't think Roberta ever expected the answer to be this:

Once again this reveals a plethora of information, some interesting, some not so. Whilst we all knew that Pete’s “Love Mountain” would be visible from space, we can also see that Spiral is horribly exposed by a lack of supporters, and whilst Jennie is well liked, she is not well loved.

As any self-respecting statistician should know, with 11 remaining housemates there are 55 unique pairs and 165 unique triplets, each one representing a potential future voting situation. I couldn’t possibly begin to guess which particular permutations or combinations would be of interest to you, but what I can promise is to respond fully to anyone who wants to know our thoughts on a potential head to head situation.

A topical one would be Richard vs Jayne, but that’s also a very very easy one…

Please let me know your thoughts



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm quite unable to read that scientific graph, (and am probably not the only one!) so could you please explain who you think will next be evicted.


9:46 AM  
Blogger Statman said...

Hi Anon (please use a name else you are vulnerable to identity theft!!)

Thanks for the question - always more than happy to help!

So this week we have Richard vs Jayne.

First let's gauge the hate out there for these housemates using the top graph. Because the red "patch" of hate extends so far out towards Jane we can see that over 40% of people hate her.
However, Richard has a much smaller patch of red, meaning less than 20% of people hate him. So there are twice as many Jayne haters as Richard haters.

Now let's look at the second chart to see how liked they are - indicated by light blue (like) and dark blue (love). There are more Richard lovers than there are Jayne lovers, and the large patch of light blue shows that he is second only to Jennie in terms of being liked, and way ahead of Jayne.

So on the basis that people vote for who they hate and vote to save the people they love/like I would expect Jayne to be evicted this week by a comfortable margin.

We will of course conduct our normal weekly eviction survey to help you gauge percentages, but the graphs are supposed to be a snapshot of the emotional landscape toward all housemates.

Hope this helps - please come back to me if you need to.


10:05 AM  
Anonymous Badger said...

I didn't realise Richard was so well liked.

Do you really think he could beat Aisleyne in a negative vote?

1:10 PM  
Blogger Statman said...

Great question Badger, thanks.

When we drill down to head to heads then we have to use the ranking questions that were in the survey to force people who have the same emotion about two housemates to make a decision.

As it stands, according to the ranking data, a Richard vs Aisleyne eviction vote would look like this:

Aisleyne 47%
Richard 53%

So she would survive, but only just.


2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Statman

Someones finally found a use for radar chart in Excel!
Nice work.

Any chance you could try a histogram style?

Maybe x axis is percentages, -y is hate +y is love?



12:43 PM  
Blogger Statman said...

Hi tanker,

I have used radar charts before to establish the relative probability of girls in a bar talking to me based on their response to the word "Hello". I can confirm that the charts have very little success when employed in this way.

I like your idea about a histogram.

If you send an email to the team at I will be able to respond to you "histogram stylee".

Best Statman

12:43 PM  
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