Monday, July 31, 2006

Rock Hard Richard

The Special Bets team would like to officially tip their hat towards the record set by a certain Camp Canadian last Friday. No other housemate in the history of Big Brother has survived as many public votes . Richard has been put up for eviction FIVE times (the last one cruelly on his birthday), and incredibly he still remains a fully upright Homo Erectus.

If anything, his popularity appears to be increasing. His association with Pete throughout the “Best Friends” task last week has seen his rating as a second favourite jump from 11% to 26%, making him easily the voter’s favourite runner-up. This is without any potential sympathy vote that may emerge from Friday’s emotional letter from home.

For the record, here’s the record:

Has he really been surviving due to his genuine popularity, or has it been the burning desire from the public to evict his opponent that has seen him through? Whatever your opinion about this is, the eviction record still stands.

Well done Dickie!

Could he survive a sixth, if nominated? We will use the gift of the poll to find out, and as always, let you know first.



P.S. We're also conducting another special survey this week about your feelings towards the remaining housemates. Last time we ran this survey the sound of numbers getting crunched coming from my room made the neighbour's dog bark for three days straight. That dog will bark again in the name of eviction prediction truth.

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