Thursday, July 27, 2006

The 9th Eviction According To Special Bets;

We've had a little more fun this week since the disorganised start.

Betfair were a little slow on the uptake that there would be a change of eviction format this Friday and had the usual market up for almost 4 days before cancelling it and voiding all bets!

The absence of an eviction market meant the Special Bets team had to reaquaint ourselves with a place we're not often seen in - the bookies - (lots of them actually).

We had 2 reactions on visiting the bookie's shops, either they couldn't find the market on their screens as they paged through dog and horse racing menus OR - and we did enjoy this - some female BB watching cashiers squealed with delight as they saw our betting slips - which made us feel good...

There IS now an eviction market of sorts on Betfair - its a derivative but suits the purpose.

Friday is a vote to SAVE so Pete & Richard have approximately zero chance of leaving the house given Pete's huge fan base. The market below therefore (who will last the longest in BB), represents the eviction market. LAY Susie if you think Susie & Imogen are leaving the house on Friday and BACK Susie if you think the Gruesome Twosome of Spiral & Michael are - got that? Good!

Click through to place a bet or see the live prices;

The 9th Eviction According To Special Bets;

We haven't changed our position since our post earlier in the week when the survey group answered our "negative" eviction questions.

You really don't like these two (Spiral & Michael) very much. Spiral is your most disliked housemate and Michael your 3rd most disliked housemate;

Statman put this question in to think about potential tactical voting - what 2 pairs might you save if you chose to vote tactically?

And here's the simplified question - Which pair will you save?

So only 7.4% of you apparently want to save the Gruesome Twosome - you're a cruel bunch!

Click through the link below - some bookies are still taking bets on the G.T. and if you're a BB fan - you're probably pleased about the way Friday looks like going...

*If you'd like to receive our poll results by email - send a message to and tell us if you're a gambler or simply a reality TV fan (sometimes we send results only interesting to gamblers).

Best, Special Bets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironically if this was more one sided then a coup would be more possible. If you could lay Suzie Spiral head to head at 1.04 and fund your texts by expected betting profits and swing the relative low turnout,
Who stays? Who goes? Who cares?
So because its not so clear, its actually more clear, if thats clear...


5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok thomas, I guess you cleared that one up for us!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

Hi Thomas, this week should be the least likely to be manipulated because there really isn't the liquidity for a syndicate to make money.. nothing's trading! Statman is working on his own view of the data - look out for a new poll tomorrow - we like to be sure!

10:58 PM  
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