Sunday, July 23, 2006

As Hate Dissipates

Greetings Statfans. Those of you that have been following the results of the special survey that we conducted last week regarding your feelings towards the remaining housemates will have already realised that we are currently going through an emotional transistion.

Since the start of this series of Big Brother you have been motivated by hate. We are now reaching the stage of the competition where the villians have largely been vanquished. Votes from this stage forward may well be settled by a more subtle blend of emotions, rather than being a simple exercise in "burning the witch".

However, I fear we are not witch-free just yet.

I noted last week that Spiral is "horribly exposed" by a lack of supporters, and on that basis he needed a well-loved partner this week to save him from the public's wrath. In Michael, he did not get this. Instead he got the worst form of partner possible : almost 90% of you can not bring yourselves to like this man.

I have taken your feelings regarding the housemates and produced an "index" for how you feel about the couples. It is a simple procedure of allocating points for being liked and subtracting points for being disliked to yield a net positive or negative reading. On a scale of -1704 to +1704, this is how they fared:

Pete & Richard: 672
Aisleyne & Jennie: 324
Glyn & Mikey: 46
Susie & Imogen: 45
Spiral & Michael: -491

I like it when things go without saying.



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Blogger zoomraker said...

I agree the public will dislike Spiral and Michael the most but won't Richard and Susie pick up the most nominations from the hm's.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Statman said...

Hi Zoomraker,

We're not in the business of predicting who nominates who - but if you're right then the index shows that Richard should survive again this week.


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stat

I think you're figures are love minus hate, as it might be positive vote can we have your figures for just love? Reasoning being haters are unlikely to have much affect this week


6:34 PM  
Blogger Statman said...

Hi thomas.

I can't simply remove the haters because it will still affect the "relative" voting. If someone hated two pairs but didn't care about the other, this gives us information as to where they will likely place their vote.

I am trying to invent a series of rules as to how the voters should behave, but I am finding it tricky to incorporate factors such as the potential for a large tactical vote for Susie and Imogen on the basis that Pete and Richard should be safe..

Will keep you posted when I have a solution.


7:21 PM  
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