Friday, July 28, 2006

A big thank you to the survey group - M&S evicted with 9.7% - exactly right!

Michael & Spiral were evicted with 9.7% of the vote - exactly the same figure as our Friday poll below... Many thanks to all who participated - we've been 0.1% away from the actual figure before but this was our first ever "exact" result - perhaps due to the fairly neutral edit?

*If you'd like to receive our poll results by email - send a message to and tell us if you're a gambler or a reality TV fan or both! (sometimes we send results only interesting to gamblers)

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Anonymous Alf Garnett's PR Guru said...

Team Special Bets are getting a lot of love over at Digispy;

Anybody who wants serious polling and analysis with regard to BB needs to visit Special Bets . The predicted result for M & S last night was incredibly accurate

8:15 PM  
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