Saturday, January 06, 2007

First CBB Departure As Donny Tourette Quits The House - Who's Next?!

Well well well! Who would have thought it! Shortly before midnight last night Patrick Brannan AKA Donny Tourette keeps it punk rock and jumps over the CBB house wall and out of the show.

Its been a weird night in BB history. admin had just dropped off on the the sofa after tonight's excruciatingly bad episode of Celebrity Big Brother only to wake up and find new oddly spelt "Goody family" arrival Jackiey wandering around the house looking for snacks.

Our first surprise was that Jackiey has the use of only one of her arms (sorry, we hadn't noticed this before) and our second was to see Donny Tourette (who looks like someone who has come to a fancy dress party as a punk) trading at 100s on the Betfair exchange.

Donny is gone, never to return confirms the show.

The current series appears to be in a bit of a crisis to us. We're not sure how long the remaining housemates will be able to put up with the combined horror of Jade, her mother (Jackiey asked Shilpa earlier "Do you live in a house...or a shack?) and her boyfriend to the soundtrack of Ken Russell's nightly sleep apnea. We predict there will be more walkouts to come.

Just before 2am, Shilpa informed Jermaine that Leo Sayer "might leave" (presumably after chatting with Leo) saying he was "on the brink of insanity". Leo in discussions with Dirk ominously talked of a "big day" tomorrow. Jermaine also admitted he wanted "'writing off this movie".

Anyway. On with the polls. We set a poll in motion after the first live show which we've just closed. And an initial eviction poll which has just got started - (we'll report back on that later today). First Eviction details here;

CBB '07 Poll 2;

As with our first poll of the public during this CBB series, Jo O'Meara remain by a considerable margin the favourite, followed quite some distance away by a chasing pack consisting of Leo Sayer, Cleo Rocos and Dirk Benedict. There shouldn't be much fallout from Donny's departure as his popularity was a meagre 6.7% which shouldn't change much as those fans pick another champion.

Donny's departure does however leave a considerable "hate vacuum" (see below) and it will be interesting to see where all that negative energy switches to..

We'll get some kip now and report back on the eviction poll later. Live odds on CBB from up to 14 bookies can be found on our odds comparison site here;

Special Bets.

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