Thursday, January 04, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother is BACK - First Poll Results!

Welcome back to a new year and a new series of Celebrity Big Brother!

Here's the first blush on the public's views of the ropey group of slebs that have found themselves in the CBB house this year. This survey was conducted from 9pm on finals night to 6pm today 04/01/07

Jo O'Meara is the firm favourite of the 225 people that responded, followed by Leo, Dirk and Shilpa;

And... they don't like Donny very much - so he's clearly toast if there's an eviction soon (and he gets nominated of course).

We been a bit lazy on the research side this year but we thought we'd leave you with this video of CBB contender Shilpa "The Body" Shetty we found being pursued by a creepy looking guy with possibly the worst mullet we've ever seen! 14 bookies' odds latest CBB odds can be found here;

Special Bets.


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