Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Final 12 X-Factor Contenders - Early Prices!

The final 12 were of course officially announced last night. There were not too many surprises after the papparazzi leak of 10 we publicised.

We were disappointed about Gemma's non-inclusion in Simon's group but unsurprised given she was up against two other super impressive black females and we reckoned Simon wanted a bit of balance in his artist mix.

We feel that Shaun has anxiety issues that require some psychotherapy to overcome, and Simon realised this and made a good decision.

We'll back to you soon after doing some early public opinion checks on those that did make it. Below - Betfair's early market - very open. Click through for the live market. And below, a reminder of who is who. PS there's a review from Mal over at Mal's place on the link on the right in the "Analysis" section.

__________________The Groups - Louis

4Sure_______________________Eaton Road

The Unconventionals____~______The MacDonald Brothers

The 16-24s - Simon Cowell

Ray Quinn___________________Leona Lewis

Ashley McKenzie______________Nikitta Angus

The 25s and Over - Sharon Osbourne

Robert Allen__________________Kerry McGregor

Ben Mills_____________________Dionne Mitchell