Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bookies Offer Longer Odds On Pete Post News Of New Housemates;

Bookies responded to news of 5 new housemates entering a section of the BB house late last night by lengthening Pete's win odds - offering up to 1.71 on the nation's favourite tourette's sufferer. Below is the best price available chart over the last 3 days - click through if you'd like to see who's offering the highest odds (and how much they'll let you have on)

Meanwhile, Pete is still riding high in the Special Bets poll.. 44% of the group have Pete as their first choice favourite;

and he's also a very popular 2nd choice favourite - which bodes well for him as when other contestants leave, he'll pick up further votes;

Here's the current state of affairs in the win market on our odds comparison site (click through for live prices);

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