Friday, June 16, 2006

BB Highlights Show Edit Causes A 3% Swing! - Grace Evicted With 87.9% Of The Vote;

Well! We predicted Grace's demise (no great claim) on June 13th when 85.9% of you told us that you wanted Grace out, but what went wrong with our 91.4% prediction?

As we pointed out earlier, the edit might well come into play - and it clearly did.

Half of tonight's show was about Nikki being drunk and shouting at the other housemates - which would hardly generate incremental votes for Grace.

Here's Grace's graceless exit as she petulantly throws water over Suzie;

What we will endeavour to do for future evictions is to read the spoiler and assign a "potential swing factor" to the prediction (the Special Bets team were all out supporting a friend's first art exhibition this evening).

We have roped in an Oxford University Maths Graduate to perform this task for next week. We hope you enjoy the results..

Here are the live odds on the win market. Please don't be tempted by Grace's long odds!

Best, Special Bets.


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