Tuesday, June 13, 2006

BB 4th Eviction Poll Results Update - Grace, Pack Your Case!

Here are the unfiltered results so far from our 4th eviction poll (friends of Grace should look away now!)

We have some reasons to believe that Grace's eviction figure may be even higher than that, but we will explore those later in the week..

Grace is not just unpopular in the context of a 2-way eviction, she's by far the least popular person in the house, and by a long way;

So Grace really should be prepared for the worst. Regardless of whatever twists may happen, Grace's days in the Big Brother House are definitely numbered.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

grace pack your case your number is up worst bitchy house mate ever seen on channel4. I cant believe she is still in there she is 2faced,spineless and shallow she hasnt got the balls to say what she really thinks 2 any housemate apart from richard. She looks just like the killer doll CHUCKY without the ginger hair. She even slagged off her so called best m8 Imogen behind her back, Girl will need a protection shield when she leaves the bb house god bless you.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

Don't hold back anonymous, tell us what you REALLY mean?! :D

12:09 AM  

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