Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feeding On Scraps

Greetings Statfans and welcome the first voting week of this year's X Factor!

With data being my bread and butter, I’m finding myself famished at the moment. A quick tour of the data-collecting vehicles on the web has not been very rewarding, with some sites still being under construction! For what it’s worth, I found four polls attempting to measure sentiment on favourite contestant so far: The Internet Forum, X Factor Rematch, Digispy and X Factor Watch, all of which have a statistically insignificant number of responses. I thought it might be useful however to observe the aggregate of the polls, which turns out as follows:

This all needs to be taken with lashings of salt at this early stage, as any of the individual polls could have been manipulated very easily. We will be keeping an eye on these, and other polls that pop up, for any patterns that may emerge as the week unfolds.

The only conclusion I would be bold enough to make from this rather scrappy data is that there appears to be a “leading pack” emerging already, consisting of Ben, Leonna, Nikitta, Ray and The Unconventionals.

The results of our own poll will follow shortly...