Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interim Results Of Special Bets' 1st Eviction Snap Survey;

The good people of the Special Bets survey group have been voicing their opinions on the 1st BB Eviction tomorrow, we're about half way through and we thought we would share the results so far;

We have filtered the results to exclude Dawn's votes as she left earlier today as the poll began, otherwise these are "raw" figures;

How Can A Poll Of Just 200 People Be Accurate?

We noticed some comments on the web recently about sample sizes of polls, implying that our poll will be less accurate than larger ones and so less relevant. We will run a post after Friday's evictions comparing our figures to some of the big polls out there on the "interweb"..

Knowing who's clicking on your polls and why is really important and is what sets us apart from other polls.

Here's a good example (below) from last series. The excellent Big Brother Online appeared to have their BB6 final poll completely hijacked..which would have been upsetting if like us, you lost a lot of your beer money on "Huge-Gene"