Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Special Bets' BB7 Poll Results - Pete's Riding High, Bonnie is a Gonnie!!

We asked 2 key questions for the first poll. We asked our polling group;

And in the "who would you like to win" question;

Now, of course what has since happened is that Nikki, George, Mikey, Grace and Imogen are all immune from eviction this week as part of the "brotherhood". But, our poll can still can tell us a lot about the 3-way eviction between Grace, Bonnie and Glyn. If we filter the results for the responses that only concern the 3 nominated for eviction;

So, we see Bonnie as clear favourite to be evicted this week.
And as for Pete... well - the group loves Pete and so so do we!

Of course, we need to do a proper 3-way eviction survey to check that for example all the people who voted Nikki aren't secret Glyn voters for example (and we will) but at this stage, we are confident that Bonnie will be heading out of the house this Friday... stay tuned for updates.

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