Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm A Celebrity - Myleene Is Popular - Its Not Just HearSay

We've been polling members of the public on their initial views of this year's crop of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! and we'd like to let you know the initial take on this crop of b and c listers (and Anstis).

It exciting for us to have a second opinion on other polls this time around.
Last year we had to rely on This Morning's daily output - which did help us "lump on" "C Thatch" at about 2.4 though..

Here are the results of a 206 person poll, conducted 13th Nov - 14th Nov. (Numbers are less in the second question due to drop outs).

- Quite an astonishing gap at such an early stage for Myleene, which reminds us of Pete's popularity in the early weeks of this year's Big Brother. The majority of responders rate her either their first or second favourite.

David Gest who is currently doing well in the Digitalspy poll (along with Myleene) appears to have no support to speak of at all. His current price of 7.4 apears to us to be a reasonable lay price even at this early stage.

Myleene seems a much more appealing prospect in general to Sheree last year (who traded into the 3s later on in the show). So we're willing to suggest that an appropiate price for Myleene should be at least that level for a number of reasons, which we'd be happy to discuss.

Current best win market prices can be found on our odds comparison site here;


Blogger shorty : said...

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11:54 PM  
Anonymous Nick Edwards said...

Watch her popularity wean as people realise her ethnicity... I stand by everything I've ever said about someone non-Caucasian winning UNTIL someone wins one of these...

12:54 AM  

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