Saturday, October 14, 2006

X Factor Coverage Tonight On;

As far as the state of play goes in terms of the popularity of X Factor contestants Statman summed that up nicely and graphically in his earlier "poll of polls" post;

Tonight we'll be doing a couple of things. JessicaInDublin has become JessicaInWembley for the evening as a guest of the show, so expect a full report from us later on on the show's backstage dynamics.

We're also going to conduct a flash poll after all the contestants have sung live to gauge the publics's perception of the all important first live performances. We will let you know the results of that before the elimination show. The comments section is open for any questions you might have. We'll be doing "live blogging" on this post of the data as it comes in to try to work out who the bottom 2 are more likely to be. Live X Factor elimination prices can be found here;

>>Live Blog

We're starting to get enough responses through to make some broad statements about your reactions tonight. The contestants you thought were the best tonight were Dionne (25% of you) and Ben - 21% of responses. In response to the question
"Who Is Your Favourite X Factor Act Overall?" however, views are more split. Ray is still your favourite contestant overall despite his shaky start with 17% of responders liking Ray the best, closely followed by Nikitta, Dionne and Leona. Ben is currrently surprisingly weak, with only 6% of responses currently rating Ben your favourite overall.

Who might go tonight? The MacDonalds are the evens favourites to leave this evening but we just don't have enough data currently to choose between the unpopular end of the market.

Not a great showing for Ray tonight. Given an awful song to sing, he had difficulties with tuning.
Ray has been the single most popular contestant in our polls. Similarly, the stunning Nikitta (who is top of our poll of polls analysis) wasn't given a particularly exciting song to sing. How will tonight's performances effect their popularity? Ben, the joint market favourite (3.85 on Betfair at time of writing sung a blinder as did his 3.85 odds partner Leona We'll have some preliminary results for you at about 8.30 from 2 polling sources.


Anonymous The Contrarian said...

Any news yet guys? Would be really interested to see what people think about Leona - now she's the new favourite!

8:25 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

Still waiting for a significant number of votes Contrarian - taking a bit longer than we thought.

8:51 PM  

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