Saturday, August 12, 2006

Winner's Poll Update - Pete and Aisleyne To Take The Top Spots?

We've seen a range of Big Brother fansites showing Aisleyne with a very high % of their "Who Do You Want To Win" votes so we set our email poll in motion to see what our own reliable group think about finals week. Here's what we've learned today;

451 Responses, we're not showing those that indicate they will not vote...

This is the "money shot" question... we were quite shocked to see Aisleyne within 8% of Pete in second position;

25.7% of you won't like to see Aisleyne doing so well as she's your least favourite, but the 36.4% of you that like Nikki the least should be happy;

With all this negativity, what about tactical voting?
- 61.8% of you might try it;

But that would seem to serve only to maintain the status quo as the potential tactical vote is evenly spread (ex Jennie);

So what's going on? Why the sudden spike in Aisleyne's popularity?

Our view is that the public are tired of being manipulated, and Aisleyne represents the "anti-hero" angry BB fans can support to get back at Endemol. She's also been behaving cooly and constructively in the house of late.

Even before Nikki went into the main house again you made it clear to us that;

You don't think its fair that Nikki can win the winner's prize.

You think that Endemol's Brighter Pictures have engineered Nikki's entry into the house and that makes you angry!

Have a look over at Statman's excellent post interpreting the public's views in our polls;

Keep it here, we'll update you on any changes, but right now Aisleyne looks a good bet for at least second place.

Nikki's poor showing at a time when she has had maximum exposure from the production team surely bodes poorly for her chances of NOT being separated from her beloved Petey again later in the show...

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Anonymous Mal said...

Interesting figures Statman.

The dissention vote that is currently prevalent on the forum polls is, however, an over reaction to the Friday events and any poll started immediately is bound to reflect the protest vote. Will you be starting a new poll before Friday?

My own poll analysis has less support for Ash than yours and a clear indication of a "temporary" defection from Pete to Ash.

Can you tell us whom Aisleyne fans support for 2nd place in your latest poll (%ages)?

Why is your sample size for 2nd choice proportionally smaller than the full sample?

Doesn’t the secondary support for Pete at 25% seems too low to ring true (should be 33%+ judging from previous polls)


11:34 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

Hi Mal, I think Statto is in bed still or something.. the excitement of Carol Vorderman on the "Friday Night Project" has tired the poor boy out... I'll give you my views for now..

1)-"an over reaction to the Friday events"
a) Very possible. But for now no evidence of a slowdown. We actually saw Ais making further ground last night. Statto sent me a "rolling 60" chart to illustrate, which we'll blog later.

2)"My own poll analysis has less support for Ash than yours"
There are lots of polls out there showing Ash far in the lead - do you mean your own excel work on the AOL poll?

3) Ais fans support who?/2nd choice size smaller?
First up you need to understand that the purpose of this question was not to find out "who people like second best" but rather "if your fav hm gets booted what then?" We are only interested in people's second choice views in this poll if they would then tactically vote or switch to another HM. If people said they would not vote for another HM we didn't ask them who was their second choice.

Aisleyne fans chose; Richard 40.5%, Pete 31%, Glyn 11.9%, Jennie 9.5%, Nikki 4.8%, and one confused/dogmatic responder chose Aisleyne!

That should also explain your last q about secondary support for Pete.

I'll post the "rolling 60" thing when Stat updates. We've managed to have a steady stream of responses each day sinc the start...

11:55 AM  
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