Friday, June 09, 2006

3rd Eviction Poll Results - "Its Very Close!"

Sam versus Nikki - Who Goes?!

We polled the members of our survey group from Tuesday night until Thursday lunchtime on the 3rd eviction and the results were a lot more interesting (in terms of a contest) than for Bonnie or Sezer..

We asked the usual question, which shows Sam favourite for eviction by a good margin...

But when we just asked those who said they had actually voted or intended to vote the picture was much less clear;

So this eviction contest is a lot closer than is generally thought. 87.9% of people in our poll expect Sam to be leaving the house tomorrow. Of course if the numbers we are seeing are correct, their view will prove to be correct but the margin is much slimmer than is generally expected and so this Eviction could really come down to the wire with the edit of the highlight show playing some part in the result.

If the producers of the program want to get rid of Nikki or the other housemates reaction to Sam is viewed as "bullying" by the public we could have an upset on our hands!

Our current prediction is that Sam will be evicted with 55% of the vote. Stay tuned for our official prediction later on, we will conduct another small poll to formulate a more accurate figure.

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