Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother Poll Jan 8th - 10th- RESULTS;

Results Summary; Here's our summary of the results which is only our opinion of how the data should be treated... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
There were many more men than women who responded to our survey which is out of kilter with what we know about Big Brother voters. So, when we weighted the results for sex (63/37%, Female/Male, ages were more or less as they should be) we came up with the following "real world" popularity and unpopularity results;

Favourite Contestant;

1) Pete Burns 22%
2) Preston 18%
3) Chantelle 17%
4) Barrymore 13%
5) Maggot 9%
6) Jodie 7%
7) Rula 4%
8) Dennis 4%
9) Galloway 3%
10) Traci 2%
11) Faria 1%

The first big surprise here to us is the apparent popularity of Pete Burns as a first choice favourite (Pete also scored highly (top) as a second place favourite). One of survey's feeder websites ran a favourable article on Pete which may have had some effect, but he was polling over 18% of the vote and ahead of second place Chantelle for two days prior to that article.

Preston is very popular with female voters (although not as popular as Pete). Pete is much less popular with male voters, who's favourite is Chantelle, followed by Preston.

Interestingly, 41% of voters expect Barrymore to win, but he is the weighted favourite with only 13% of voters - a false front runner?

Email us if you are keen to take part in future surveys. Respondents have received an email with all the data and methodology behind the numbers. Here's the current survey on the first eviction;

Compare first Eviction odds on Celebrity Big Brother here;


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