Thursday, January 05, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother Live Show 05/01/06 - In Running;

CBB in its wisdom has invited a non sleb into the house "Chavtelle" who's role is to attempt to convince the 10 celebrities in the house that she is in fact a genuine celebrity. Chavtelle doesn't appear too bright to Special Bets. We think that this is a very poor twist and are sceptical Chavtelle will be successful.. here she is being a Sky Soccerette;

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Confirmed Celebrities;

Barrymore - We'd forgotten just how unfunny MB is...We think he looks depressed to boot (which is understandable). He's been installed as the favourite.. we don't think It'll last.
Pete Burns - Now we know about the medical condition we covered yesterday; Despite his obviously bizzare appearance, Pete seemed very likeable on first impression.
Traci Bingham - oh dear - We prefer the conclusion of Pete's plastic surgeries.. We don't like her, like, already. *Carmen Electra was her bridesmaid so she must know Dennis Rodman well.
Maggot - Maggot is from comedy band Goldie Lookin' Chain. Special Bets know that the GLC areWelsh middle class hoaxers pretending to be Welsh chavs but we still think they're ace. His "I'm just here to make the numbers up" comment showed the kind of humilty CBB voters love.
Rula Lenska - See earlier post and Wikipedia biography here;
Jodie Marsh - We think Jodie is a nice girl actually but have no idea why she's forged this career for herself.. see earlier post about her and Jordan;
Dennis Rodman - Oh yes, he knows Traci - and possibly doesn't have happy memories..not known in the UK among the younger demographic - a real celebrity but he'll have to impress.
Faria Alam - no comment. We are disappointed in this choice and reckon Chavtelle is more of a genuine celeb. Can't see her resonating with anyone unless she knows a few jokes.
Preston - Seems like a nice guy but comes accross as rather arrogant and swears a lot. Special Bets thought he might be quite good looking but he seems more average on the live feed - a Spencer type character?
George Galloway - we posted earlier we'd noticed he had cleared his diary.. Special Bets are not big Galloway fans. Galloway has an enormous ego and we also think he's going to be really bored in there... a potential walker.

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