Friday, January 06, 2006

Chantelle - Celeb or not a Celeb - that is the question..

Chantelle went into the Celebrity Big Brother 'diary room' last night to inform Big Brother of a potential problem in her secret mission to pretend to be a genuine celebrity - Jodie Marsh might already know her.
"I've seen Jodie out clubbing in town before on a few occasions, when she walked through the door I'm sure she recognised me" Chantelle informed an unaware Big Brother.
The reality here is that Chantelle and Jodie are both "Celebs" or "Non Celebs" depending on your view. Chantelle has been trying to become a Celebrity for some time - just like Jodie.
Here's Chantelle appearing on Sky's Soccer AM program - she's number 6;

Here's Chantelle looking for business as a Paris Hilton lookalike;

Here's Chantelle's modelling agency hompage;
Chantelle Houghton has also done glamour modelling for Max Power Magazine and others.. so.. in the context of Celebrity Big Brother's definition of celebrity - what makes her not one? Does this mean that she can't fail her secret mission? Find out on Sunday....Use Special Bets to compare best betting odds;

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