Thursday, December 08, 2005

X-Factor Preview 10/12 - "Mentor" Louis Gets It Wrong Again;

Special Bets has reviewed, reviewed and reviewed again the Xtra Factor show from Wednesday evening and feel that there will be some major changes in the current odds of the remaining contestants.

Current market favourite Shayne appears to be being thwarted is his quest to win the show by the very people who are there to support him... more about that later.

Saturday's Song Choices;

Journey South - Neutral
Journey South will sing Rod Stewart's classic track "You're In My Heart" and popular Beatles song "Let it Be". Not much to say here; Special Bets thinks that these are mainstream and popular choices that will go down fairly well with the GBP. Simon Cowell has chosen safely but wisely.

Andy - Negative
In Special Bets' opinion Andy has a dodgy song choice in "Everything I Do" (Bryan Adams). As with "Easy Lover" last week we think this song won't suit his style. However, Lately (Stevie Wonder) is much more suited to Andy's style and we think he'll sing it well. For those of you with money on Andy for the outright, or laying him for eviction, let's hope he sings this one second.

Brenda - Positive
Without doubt these are the best song choices Brenda has made throughout the series. Fans of Bridget Jones (the most popular film/book in the last decade among females?) will have high recognition of the number "Without You" (Harry Nilsson). In rehearsal, Brenda showed off her amazing vocal abilities with this track, sustaining the "I can't live" lyric in jaw-dropping fashion
The upbeat Respect (Aretha Franklin) will strike a chord with almost everyone. Special Bets think that Brenda will shine once again, save herself from elimination and become a true contender.

Shayne - Negative
Shayne's (odd?) confirmed choices are; "Don't Stop me Now" (Queen) & "Unchained Melody" (Righteous Brothers). Suffering from a sore throat, Shayne's confidence seemed to be at an all time low during rehearsals and Special Bets wonder why Louis Walsh seems to have abandoned him at a crucial moment. His 'mentoring' seemed to involve saying over the phone "sing what you like, no pressure, but you could go out on Saturday". The team 'coaching' Shayne in rehearsal who knew his voice was faltering responded by suggesting various songs in a high register, then scoffing when the young lad from Manchester unsurprisingly wasn't up to scratch. All this just served to make Shayne even more nervous than he already was. Louis Walsh 'Pop Svengali'? MUST TRY HARDER Louis!
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