Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm A Celebrity - Latest "This Morning" Poll Results

Telephone poll results in reverse order. This is a controversial poll often accused of being manipulated but results are reasonably consistent.

With only 3 contestants left

Sid. 17%
Sheree. 21%
Carol. 62%

Comps versus last week's daily results;

Sheree 21% vs 14%, 20% 25%, 20%, 18%
Sid. 17% vs 13%, 7% 11%, 13%, 16%
Carol. 62% vs 36%, 53%, 36%, 37%, 35%

These Results are truly bleak for Sid and Sheree backers if reflective of the show's phone vote (which we think will be the case). Simply put. Sid and Sheree have not picked up in share of the vote since the begining of LAST WEEK despite there only now being 3 contestants to vote for. We believe Carol is too far ahead to catch, regardless of the edit tonight and should be trading at around 1.2 on Betfair or below.

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