Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Number One - Retailers Pushing X Factor;

Special Bets just spoke with HMV who appear to be singing from the same hymnsheet as Woolworths and told us effectively what's in this news story The "150,000" projection is for the whole industry and is based on the first 4 hours of sales today at HMV accounting for their market share. The person at HMV we spoke to seemed unsure as to whether this was inclusive or exclusive of the 46,000 downloads Sky News reported. The person we spoke with also said "That's My Goal" was outselling JCB "2-1" or 100%. Our own Oxford Street check at 3pm suggested a 30% outselling figure. All will be clear tomorrow but one thing seems sure - the record shops have a huge investment in Shayne Ward and they want a return. "That's My Goal" is being heavily promoted in stores that have agreed to accept such a large amount of pre-sales.
Special Bets.

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