Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas # 1 Market - Nizlopi - Top of Amazon, HMV, Top Of The Pops; helpfully have a link with which Special Bets can track CD single sales (relative to other singles) of a track "Hot 100 CD Singles" here;

Regular "link clickers" will observe that at least one of Nizlopi's two single formats have been top of this list (previously on the pre release list) of late. Both formats will count toward the Christmas chart next week and this looks promising for this week's pre Chrismas chart.

HMV have a similar function here; - which concurs with the Amazon findings currently...

As do Woolworths here;

Special Bets just watched the Nizlopi duo on 11/12 TOTP. With their shoes off, Nizlopi treated the TOTP crowd to perhaps their first ever performance from an asthmatic beat-boxing cellist. Lead singer Luke Concannon had the bemused crowd clapping along for the end section - a memorable performance. Only Simon Cowell and the Japanese/German empire of Sony/BMG Music can stop the British JCB boys to the UK Christmas #1 Chart now...
Current Christmas # 1 Betfair Odds - Nizlopi 4.6 X Factor Winner 1.5
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Here's a story about how Sony/BMG have been wooing CD buyers of late;

Here's the updated web traffic report for ;

Current odds at Paddy Power;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best ever traffic day yesterday

9:38 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

Hi, wow - I just checked that - traffic DOUBLED over the previous day - a significant move..

9:48 AM  

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