Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oaten's Woes To Cause Swing To Ming?

We discussed Lib Dem members being apt to vote in the leadership election with their "Heads vs Hearts"in this piece on Friday, now we have another factor added into the mix.

The revelation that Mark Oaten has something he's kept hidden from the public underlines another strength of what Menzies 'Ming' Campbell represents as a candidate - a safe pair of hands during a time when the Lib Dems' leadership battle has descended into farce.

The two alternatives to Ming both come out of the Oaten affair badly in our view.

It is widely speculated that Simon Hughes is secretly gay, an accusation that the 54 year old single man has recently denied. Of course, as Simon himself points out " "There is no reason why you shouldn't have a gay leader of a party, or even a gay prime minister. I don't think this is an issue". Special Bets agrees wholeheartedly with Simon on that however the tone of Simon's interview with the Independent suggests to us a not altogether transparent situation.

In the last weeks, the Lib Dems have lost a popular leader due to secret alcoholism and now a potential leader due to being a secret bisexual. The media are in a frenzy over the Lib Dem leadership battle. Special Bets reckons that most Lib Dems wish this contest had never started - What better way to call a halt to this messy period than voting for grandee Ming?

And as for whether Chris Huhne had a collection of skeletons in his cupboard? Well even the Grauniad asked recently who Chris Huhne was (despite having worked on their own paper for many years..) View The Best Lib Dem Leadership Odds Here;

UPDATE Monday 08.44 - William Hill are quoted in today's torygraph leader as saying "since Oaten's resignation not one bet has been laid on the other candidates, Simon Hughes and Chris Huhne.

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