Wednesday, January 18, 2006

CBB - Second Eviction Poll - Results Update;

Spoiler for tonight's show;

Here is an update of the most relevant questions;

After 184 responses at 20.49pm this evening;

Who would you most like to see evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Faria Alam 36.8%
Dennis Rodman 27%
Pete Burns 36.2%

Have you decided who you want to vote to evict or are you still to make up your mind?

Yes I have decided 91.1%
No, I'm still making up my mind 8.9%

Who is your least favourite Celebrity Big Brother contestant?

Faria 8%
Dennis 8%
Pete 16.7%

Who is your favourite Celebrity Big Brother contestant?

Pete Burns 27.7%
Faria Alam 1.2%
Dennis Rodman 4.3%

Our conclusion - if our vote results are correct - is that the edit you'll read on the spoiler we've provided could well tip the balance. We've been backing Faria to go at these generous odds.

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